Paper Dolls First Chapter


Hi! Long time no post, I know. But I've been working my tail off on my new series, Falling Paper, and kicking it off with PAPER DOLLS which is out in six days. 6 days!!! So to celebrate, here is a sneak peek - the full first chapter of a book that has become near and dear to my heart. I hope you … [continue]

The Snapped Series is now available on most platforms!

Finally, you can get all 7 parts of the Snapped Series on way more electronics! See below and pick your poison: Kindle Nook Google Play Kobo iBooks


The final installment of the Snapped Series has arrived…

Stay - Ketley Allison

Charlie’s time has come to make a final, terrible decision. Caught between the true killer and her impending arrest, it’s up to her to avoid punishment. She must stand up for what she believes, and in doing so become a traitor to the one who loves her the most. It is the only way for […]


Surrender to Part 6

Surrender Amazon

Only one more left after SURRENDER… “So that’s it? You just never want to see me anymore?” I want to see you every day. “We can still call each other. I want to help you find answers, I’ll never stop with that. To absolve not only me, but you, too. But that means we have […]


Suspect is Stunning – Cover Reveal


Though all of the series covers are beautiful, this is possibly my favorite of them all…SUSPECT will be available February 1st!


The Snapped Novella Series underwent a delicious, dark makeover…and part 4!

Sacred Amazon

That’s right, the covers for the Snapped Series, while beautiful, did not have the suspense needed. They needed grit, edge, a terrible beauty. Same ladies on the front covers of course. But darker. Gorgeous. Cracked and broken–because that’s what one of my characters represents. Someone doesn’t fit in with the rest, and in fact destroys a […]


Deep Breaths… Sin is coming in two days

SIN Excerpt

I mean deep breaths for me, of course. It always hits the nerves, hitting PUBLISH, no matter how many times I do it. But onto the good stuff – here’s an excerpt of SIN!  


Hey! Here’s the first chapter of Snapped!

In celebration of its release next week!   Prologue Week 9 – Saturday, November 1   “Can I…” I paused and cleared my throat. “Can I get some water?” “It’s your home; you can do whatever you want. Tell me again what happened?” Detective Trist sat across from me, his face expressionless but for the […]


So you got Nate, now Slade


I was looking around for photos that would most closely resemble the Jason Sladerman in my head, and came across this guy. The dimples, the scruff, the messy, tousled short hair….yes he’ll do 🙂 So here he is!   If you want to see more of my inspiration (i.e. the girls), hang out on my […]


Snapped on Sundays!

My Teaser 1

And the very first teaser!