Why is The Snapped Series a novella series and not one book? Are you doing it for sales?


This is a tough question, but the easiest answer is I wanted to try something different and write as I go. As an indie author, it’s difficult to separate oneself out from the crowd. While it’s exciting to be in charge of marketing, promotion, book covers, etc., it’s also daunting and a hell of a lot of hits and misses. With Snapped, I was working on exposure as well as my enjoyment. I wanted intrigue, and I felt that would fall short on just one book. So I thought maybe I could make it two books, or three! But then if I were to make it two books or three, the points where I wanted to cut off and start a new book were so staggered and uneven that it worked better to cut the series into novellas. It’s not easy creating cliffhangers in each novella–I’ll tell you that! But this is a step-by-step process that I’m loving, and while my other series may not do this, I feel that the Snapped Series was best represented by novella-length parts.

To answer the second part of this question, it is definitely not a sales thing (otherwise I wouldn’t have priced the novellas so low). And even with all the projected parts combined, this series will still cost less than a standard popular ebook. So. Discoverability, yes. A fun monthly series to look forward to where you have no idea who dies and who the killer is until you read the next novella, and even then it’s not guaranteed until BAM there it is, hell yep.

I’m always changing and trying something new–this is one of them!


When is the next novella in the Snapped series coming out?


Monthly! That’s what  I find fun about this – on the first of every month, a new part will be available. I started with making Parts 1 & 2 available in the same month and day to give something meatier to read and hopefully really get you into the story. From hereon out I’m projecting about 7 parts, so to break it down:

SNAPPED, Part 1 – out November 1, 2014

SHADE, Part 2 – out November 1, 2014

SIN, Part 3 – out December 1, 2014

SACRED, Part 4 – out January 1, 2015 (Happy New Year!)

UNTITLED, Part 5 – out February 1, 2015

UNTITLED, Part 6 – out March 1, 2015

UNTITLED, Part 7 – out April 1, 2015.


 When is Book 3 of the Dark Souls Series coming out?


I hope soon! I don’t like to force my writing, and as such force my characters. For a more in depth explanation, see my Upcoming Projects page.


 I’m a blogger and would love to review one of your novels. Can you send me an ebook copy?


Absolutely!  I’m happy to send out ebooks and e-ARCs to bloggers for review. Please email me at ketleyallison [at] gmail [dot] com.