Falling Paper Series

Paper Dolls

Falling Paper Series #1


Paper Dolls - Ketley Allison


“I’m a cocktail waitress, an amateur poker player and a college dropout. I’m not a drug runner, I’m not a cop, I’m not qualified to do shit. I can’t be responsible for taking out a mafia kingpin!”

It’s too bad for me that no matter how sweet a person is, fate can still screw you over.

Now I’m jaded, half of me torn away and the remainder heartbreak and bones. In grief, all I want to do is to rebel against the life that betrayed me, so my roommate provided the perfect lure…

I awaken when I enter the New York underground, where vice and fortunes thrive. Hustling, poker and easy money allow me to discover my true self—my forgotten soul reemerging. I just can’t promise it’ll come back pure.

It won’t matter that a dark prince is in my periphery. Theo Saxon, royalty of the mafia kingdom, thinks he can save me from a world I crave and protect me from the black elements he’s spawned from, except it’s through his very instruction that I become a part of his league and find the danger he wants so badly to keep to himself.

I think the stakes are within my control and that I can break him just as much as Theo thinks he can break me. But I won’t just be betting my heart on Theo and his inescapable sins.

I will wager my life.

Ketley Allison’s engrossing new series begins with PAPER DOLLS, and it will have you gasping, whooping….and salivating.


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Paper Dolls (Falling Paper, #1)