Who is Ketley?


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Ketley’s Top Tens

10 Things You Might be Surprised to Know About Me

1. I’m a lawyer by day.

2. I’m obsessed with grilled cheese. If you ask me what I want for dinner, I’ll probably say, “grilled cheese and tomato soup, please.”

3. I’m deathly afraid of sharks. So much so that I’ll avoid anything that has an ocean. But in a dramatic turn of events, I love watching Shark Week.

4. I free-write my first drafts, and rarely outline in the beginning. As result, Derek’s character in Dark Souls came as a complete surprise to me.

5. I went to elementary/middle school in Canada, high school in Australia, college in Canada, gap year in California, and law school in New York City. In short, I’m Canadian!

6. I used to be a synchronized swimmer. For two years. When I was 12.

7. The storyline for Dark Souls has been in my head for fifteen years, until I finally put pen to paper (i.e. fingers to keyboard) in 2012. The first paragraph ever written was the dream sequence in Chapter 6. I wrote that when I was 14, and kept it with me ever since. I haven’t changed a word.

8. I rescued a kitten from a shelter after he was thrown out of a car and broke his hind leg, thinking he was a poor, neglected mixed breed. Turns out he’s a pure bred diva. I love him to pieces.

9. When I was 11, I really wanted to grow up to be Sailor Moon. Unfortunately for me, that wasn’t possible (for obvious reasons), but it was then I was able to figure out a way to fall into those worlds and experience them like they were my own: Writing.

10. I’m the only left-handed person in my family. (As my dad once said to me when I was making dinner, “I’m not sure if I want left handed mashed potatoes…” In jest! Don’t worry, he loves me).

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